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Welcome to Yeah Write Jay, the official website for writer and creator Jay Martin. Jay is a 30 something human male from Manchester in the UK. A deep love of everything comics, sci-fi and fantasy from an early age led him to want to create stories of his own, and so here we are.


Jay grew up in Stockport, a smallish town to the south of Manchester and trained as a car mechanic after leaving school. He currently works as an auto electrician as his day job, a job that takes him all over the country.  He currently calls Worsley in North Manchester home where he lives with his partner, Francesca, and their three mildly insane dogs Leo, Cara and Indiana.


In his spare time, he can mostly be found plonked squarely in front of the TV, catching up on shows and watching countless movies while multi-tasking with some writing or proof reading. If not there, then he’ll be getting tattooed or have his nose firmly wedged in a book or comic of some description. Add a little exercise, socialising and printing and that’s about the length of it.


As far as writing goes, Jay started to pursue it seriously in 2010. He and artist friend Louis M. Slater got together to produce a 21-page comic titled “Jammed” (check out the comic page for more). Since then Jay and Louis have been published in an anthology and have collaborated a number of times on a few different projects that to this day. More on that later!


In 2011/12 Jay worked as an unpaid staff writer for the entertainment website Word of the Nerd, before other commitments forced him to retire. During his time there he was tasked with writing reviews, creating articles and engaging content for the website based on any and all things nerdy. This is something that he is keen to do again in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.


In mid-2015 Yeah Write Jay joined forces with a bunch of massively talented creators. The collective launched to wide spread acclaim at London Super Comic Convention 2016 along with the release of his first book, ALV #1 with artist Pablo. The collective are booked in at a hell of a lot of cons this year so if you see them go say hello and check out what they have to offer.



For now, have a look around, check out what we have to offer and enjoy!



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